we can fix it, we can fit it

On-Site Lab & Technician

We have our very own on-site laboratory and technician, so we can provide specialised optical services to you!
We fit lenses, adjust eyewear and perform minor adjustments, and our experienced optical technician, James,  has plenty of optical wisdom up his sleeves.

Optical Technician

Meet James

James has been our trusted Optical Technician for over 20 years
You’ll find James down in our laboratory Monday to Friday practicing all sorts or eyewear sorcery including;
– On-site lens fitting (only 15 minute wait time!)
– Eyewear repairs and maintenance
– Sports eyewear expertise
And so much more!
With a fine eye for detail and a great amount of knowledge and experience in the optical industry, make James your go-to guy for all of your eyewear queries!

On-site lens fitting

We fit lenses on-site. This is perfect if you are needing to update your lenses but your frames are still in good shape!
You will only need to be without your glasses for roughly 15 minutes while our technician James fits your new lenses.

On-site repairs and adjustments

If your eyewear is looking a little worse for wear bring them in store. Our optical technician is a magician at adjusting eyewear and can perform minor repairs on-site. If your eyewear is seriously damaged but repairable, it will need to be sent away to be repaired – this usually takes 3-4 working days.
Time for a deep clean? We have an ultrasonic cleaner that gets the dirt and grime out of all the crevasses of your eyewear – this is a complimentary service we provide.